About Us

Who are we?


Baturay Medicine Health Aesthetics Special Education Services Trade Limited Company, whose foundations were laid in 2006, Health and Hospital Investments, Aesthetics, Cosmetics, Medical and Foreign Trade, Health Tourism, Service Sector and Sectoral Infrastructure, Project and Business Consultancy, Investment Consultancy, Project Management and Healthy Food It continues its activities in the fields of the sector.


Our company, which makes a difference with its social entrepreneurship and investments as well as its commercial activities, has been working since 2008 to ensure the investments, funding and the collection of aid projects under a single roof, sustainability, execution of projects with various collaborations, and continuity in a more corporate and effective manner. Education continues its social investments with many private and public institutions and organizations on a voluntary basis of social responsibility.


Our company, whose quality of services is documented with various awards and certificates both in Turkey and abroad, continues to work with the principle of maximum efficiency and effectiveness in every sector in which it operates with its experienced and trained manpower, acting with the awareness of social responsibility.